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Eurex Prime ISV Program

Eurex would like to annually recognize ISVs that support non-mandatory release items (e.g. new products or new functionality). Each year Eurex will decide on a new product or functionality that we would like our ISVs to support. If an ISV is able to support this initiative, Eurex would award the firm as an “Prime ISV”. The implemented feature helps Prime ISVs to distinguish their offering amongst their competitors.

To be qualified as a Eurex Prime ISV 2019, an ISV need to support Eurex EnLight in December 2018.


What are the benefits?

Qualified ISVs will be promoted on the Eurex website, helping them obtain a broader awareness in the market. The following incentives will be provided by Eurex to help offset any implementation cost:

  • Prominent promotion on our website (publication of list of prime ISVs)
  • Provision of a Eurex digital certificate that they can use for their sales and promotion activities (e.g. “Eurex Prime ISV 2019”)
  • Prioritized service and support from Eurex (e.g. very early involvement in our activities, frequent visits, prioritized support in case of questions)
  • Voucher for free access to the T7 Cloud Simulation

Planned next steps:

  • ISVs that want to qualify need to provide a proof of evidence (acknowledgement from a client, screenshots, YouTube video etc.)
  • All qualified ISVs will be mentioned in a news release and on our Eurex website. Additionally, all qualified participants can provide a quote in our news release.
  • Digital badges will be provided once proof of support has been verified
  • On request, we can also provide a tombstone (e.g. glass trophy with “Prime ISV 2019” signature)

Note: If ISVs are unable to provide support for Eurex EnLight by 3 December, we will still accept late comers but those will not take part in the initial announcement.

If you need any further information o have any questions regarding the Eurex ISV Prime Program please contact us: [email protected]

This week’s topic: Prime time for Eurex ISVs

Randolf Roth, Member of Eurex Frankfurt Executive Board, responsible for market design

Randolf Roth, Member of the Executive Board of Eurex, explains the background of the Eurex PRIME ISV Program and the benefits for the participants.


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